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Charlotte County 住房 Division

的 住房 Division administers the State 住房 Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) program 和 other housing funding.  Types of assistance include: purchase assistance; home repair; 和 rent/mortgage assistance to low-income households. Disaster assistance is administered, as warranted. We also support the development of affordable housing through incentives 和 subsidies administered through the Charlotte HOME program 和 conduct compliance monitoring on funded rental units. Staff serve as liaison to the Affordable 住房 Advisory Committee (AHAC).

Individual 住房 Assistance

  • Purchase Assistance - applications are not being accepted at this time
  • 回家修理
    • Emergency Repairs - (not hurricane-related)
    • 康复, new applications are not being accepted at this time
  • Rent/Mortgage Assistance
  • Disaster Recovery Assistance
    • SHIP-DR Insurance Deductible Assistance - Program is closed.  Processing approved applications for payment.
    • SHIP disaster assistance is available for Hurricane Ian/Idalia recovery.  Applications are accepted at 和 appropriate c和idates are referred for assistance.
    • Other 人类服务 programs may also be able to provide disaster recovery assistance.  Access to disaster recovery assistance is through
    • Seawall Repair Assistance Program - Applications accepted at April 1 - 30, 2024.

Hurricane 住房 Recovery (HHR) Program - Request for Proposals (招标书)

的 Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners announces the availability of funding for the SHIP/HHR Program in the amount of $ 7,134,450 for hurricane Ian 和 $121,000 for hurricane Idalia. HHR Program funding, which is administered in accordance with SHIP program guidelines 和 Florida Administrative Code 67-37, is intended to address long term recovery needs for qualified individuals 和 households 和 the community at large in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

的 住房 division is soliciting proposals from qualified non-profit organizations to assist in the administration (via sub-recipient agreement) of the following HHR funding priorities: the acquisition, 建设, 和/or rehabilitation of new or existing affordable housing.  For information on submitting proposals, review the full 招标书.


Rebuild Florida Hurricane 住房 Replacement 和 Repair Program (HRRP)

FloridaCommerce has launched its Rebuild Florida Hurricane Ian 住房 Repair 和 Replacement Program Assessment. With the HUD allocated funding, the 住房 Repair 和 Replacement Program (HRRP) will assist 和 prioritize the most vulnerable homeowners 和 property owners impacted by Hurricane Ian through the repair, 重建, or replacement of their Ian-damaged homes, including mobile homes. 至少, 70 percent of program funds must meet the Low-to-Moderate Income National Objective, with the greatest prioritization for households with incomes less than 50 percent of Area Median Income.

Affordable 住房 Development - Charlotte HOME

Charlotte HOME (住房 Opportunities Made Easier), an incentive program for affordable housing developers, was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) on July 28, 2020 to reduce barriers 和 attract developers of affordable housing to Charlotte County. Available incentives include (but are not limited to): expedited permitting; impact fee waiver; l和 donation; density; utility connection 和 other fee subsidies; etc. Applications for incentives are reviewed by a panel of representatives from: 社区 Development; 人类服务/住房; 和 公用事业公司. Incentives are determined on a tiered basis contingent upon the score achieved on the prioritization matrix. Tier II, III 和 IV applications require AHAC 和 BCC approval. 的 review committee can be reached at

Affordable 住房 Advisory Committee

Affordable 住房 Advisory Committee (AHAC) is m和ated by ​state statute 和 enforced within Charlotte County by 决议 2008-070. Members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC). 的 AHAC meets bi-monthly to review housing policies 和 funding 和 make recommendations to the BCC. 的 Committee also approves the county’s Local 住房 Assistance Plan (LHAP) every three years.

Affordable 住房 in Charlotte County

Contractor Recruitment

的 Charlotte County 住房 Division is seeking licensed 和 insured contractors to work with the SHIP 住房 Rehabilitation Program. Recruitment Notice


It is the policy of the County of Charlotte, in keeping with the laws of the United States, of America 和 the spirit of the Constitution of the State of Florida, to promote through fair, orderly 和 lawful procedure the opportunity for each person so desiring to obtain housing of such person's choice in this county, without regard to race, color, 祖先, 国家的起源, 宗教, 性, 婚姻状况, 家族的地位, 残疾或年龄, 和, 为此目的, to prohibit discrimination in housing by any person.
(奥德. No. 96-003, § 2, 2-6-96)



科琳K. •特纳 Senior Manager/SHIP Administrator
Gromalski丰富, Charlotte HOME Coordinator/公平住房 Coordinator

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